MacBook Pro Rumors: Larger Trackpad, Lighter Design, Standard SSD

According to insider information shared with Boy Genius Report, significant changes are on the horizon for the upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. The source claims that the new models will feature a larger trackpad compared to the existing ones and will be lighter by approximately half a pound.

One of the more intriguing updates, which has been speculated about for some time, involves the storage configuration of the base model MacBook Pros.

It appears they will incorporate a small, internal SSD of 8 to 16 GB dedicated solely to the operating system and system files, known as a “boot drive.” This setup will be complemented by a traditional hard drive for storing user data. Alternatively, customers could opt for a single, larger SSD, though this would significantly increase the cost, mirroring the current setup.

The advantage of this proposed dual-drive system is that it would allow for quicker system performance thanks to the SSD, while the larger HDD would handle storage of larger files and applications, potentially enhancing the overall efficiency of the device.

While this dual SSD-HDD configuration has been rumored before without coming to fruition, the success of the MacBook Air’s solid-state storage suggests that Apple might be more prepared to implement this technology in their Pro line. Indications suggest that an announcement regarding the MacBook Pro updates could be made very soon, possibly within the next week.

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