Exploring Hidden Easter Eggs in iOS Apps and Features

Although we missed the timing by a day, we’re not talking about the traditional Easter hunt for colorful eggs. Instead, we’re diving into the digital world of “easter eggs,” those cleverly hidden features or messages that developers sneak into their software.

Macworld recently featured an intriguing collection of four easter eggs found in well-known App Store applications, ranging from a hidden version of the 1926 Kelly Blue Book in the official Kelly app to an amusing response when you search for “tilt” in Mobile Safari.

One lesser-known app easter egg is the interactive feature on the title screen of Halfbrick’s Monster Dash, where you can play with the characters. Initially a hidden feature, Yelp’s Monocle AR service was also an easter egg before becoming a mainstay in the app.

While not exactly an easter egg, a handy tip for iPhone users is the ability to access iTunes controls by double-clicking the home button either when the device is locked or unlocked.

If unlocked, double-clicking brings up the background app icons, which you can swipe right to access the music controls.

Do you have any other hidden gems or easter eggs within iOS apps to share? Feel free to enlighten us in the comments section below!


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