Apple Design Exhibition Opens at German Museum

Under the leadership of Steve Jobs during his second tenure at Apple, the company emphasized products that were not only easy to use but also aesthetically pleasing, aiming to both delight and surprise its customers. This design ethos, largely shaped by the company’s senior vice president, Jonathan Ive, is now being celebrated in a new exhibition at the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg, Germany.

The exhibition, titled Stylectrical: On Electro-Design That Makes History, explores the intricate process of industrial design within the realm of cultural studies.

The exhibition, which opens this weekend, showcases 300 items, with more than half being Apple products designed under Ive’s guidance. This marks the first time all products released by Apple during Ive’s tenure are displayed together, alongside other significant examples of electronic product design.

Special attention is given to the relationship between Apple’s design and that of the German industrial powerhouse, Braun.

Visitors can also explore the exhibition through the museum’s iPhone app, which features details about the exhibition, including photos, opening times, and other museum information.

The exhibition will be available to the public until January 15, 2012. Tickets are priced at €8, with a reduced rate of €5 on Thursday evenings.


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