Check If Your iPhone 4S Has Shipped: Tracking Guide

For the past couple of days, I’ve been glued to the “Your Orders” section of the Apple Online Store, eagerly awaiting any update on my iPhone 4S shipment. Unfortunately, the only status available was “Preparing Shipment,” without any further details on delivery tracking from UPS or FedEx.

Similarly, TUAW reader Stephen M.

encountered this issue and decided to look for solutions directly on the UPS website. He shared this useful approach with us:

Visit, select “Track by Reference,” then enter the phone number you registered with on as the reference.

This method revealed that, although my Apple account still indicated “Preparing Shipment,” UPS had already shipped the package from China. Hopefully, this information proves helpful!

This tip was indeed helpful! As illustrated in the image at the beginning of this post, my iPhone 4S has now reached Anchorage, Alaska.


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