Apple Fumbles Australian iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

The excitement surrounding the launch of the iPhone 4S in Australia is palpable, with stores likely running out of stock as we speak. Meanwhile, some Americans who placed their orders in advance have already started enjoying their new devices. It’s anticipated that by tomorrow, over a million units will have been delivered to eager customers worldwide.

However, not everyone is reveling in quick service. Those who ordered from Apple’s Australian online store, including myself, are facing unexpected delays.

After noticing my order was still being prepared for shipment well into the afternoon of the launch day, I contacted Apple. The representative confirmed that Australian orders are delayed by one to two weeks compared to other regions. Those who pre-ordered on October 7th might have to wait until between October 21st and 28th to receive their phones.

It appears that Apple has prioritized orders from the US and Europe, pushing Australian orders down the queue. Pre-orders from these regions were assembled at Foxconn and shipped out with a delivery target of October 14th, whereas Australian orders were only marked for shipment on the same date.

This prioritization wasn’t disclosed during the pre-order process, adding to the frustration of many Australian customers.

This delay seems particularly unreasonable considering Australia’s proximity to China, where the phones are manufactured, compared to other major markets. While Australians wait, New Zealanders have it even worse, with no expected delivery until December or later. This is especially hard to swallow given that Australians already face higher prices for Apple products than their US counterparts.

Despite Apple’s reputation for efficient logistics, this incident highlights a significant oversight. The company should certainly be more transparent about expected delivery times for online orders.


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