Setting Up a Personalized Siri Nickname: A Step-by-Step Guide

It’s likely you’ve come across the humorous exchange where someone instructs Siri to “Call me an ambulance,” to which Siri replies, “Sure, I’ll call you ‘An Ambulance’ from now on.” As highlighted by Leanna Lofte in an insightful article on the iPhone Blog, this humorous interaction can actually serve a functional purpose.

By simply telling Siri to address you by a preferred nickname, or even a grandiose title like “Master” or “Emperor,” you can personalize your digital assistant’s interactions. Siri accomplishes this by modifying the Nickname field in your main Contacts entry, which it prioritizes.

For instance, when you command, “Call me ‘Master,'” Siri will adjust your nickname field accordingly. However, it’s important to remember that this nickname becomes a formal part of your contact details, and as noted by, sharing your vCard could reveal your chosen moniker to others, which might be amusing or awkward, depending on the context.

Alternatively, you can achieve a similar effect without altering your nickname by utilizing the phonetic guide fields in your contact information.

The Phonetic First Name and Phonetic Last Name fields, long-standing features in iOS and OS X, assist in the correct pronunciation of names during calls. For instance, entering “Ser Hee Yo” as the phonetic spelling for someone named Sergio ensures Siri pronounces it correctly.


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