Dear Aunt TUAW: Managing Multiple Phones – What’s Next?

Dear Aunt TUAW,

Our household recently welcomed a second iPhone, and we also have a MacBook Pro. I’m curious about any innovative uses for these devices.

What unique functionalities does having two iPhones provide that a single iPhone doesn’t?

Your loving nephew,


Dear Anup,

I’m thrilled you reached out! Introducing a second iPhone into your tech ecosystem can significantly enhance your interactive experiences, especially in gaming. You can connect the devices via Bluetooth for local multiplayer games without needing an internet connection.

However, be prepared for some initial setup challenges with GameKit.

At TUAW, we’re fans of using our iPhones for multiplayer gaming on a larger display, like with Real Racing 2. You can also use your MacBook Pro as a gaming monitor with the help of Reflection.

Don’t forget, the iPhones can also make calls to each other using the FaceTime app, regardless of whether you’re in the same room or different locations!

If anyone else has suggestions for Anup, feel free to share them in the comments!


Auntie T.

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