Apple Urges Developers to Ready Apps for China Market

Apple’s strategy to penetrate emerging markets, particularly China, has evolved significantly, as highlighted in this year’s WWDC. The focus has shifted from merely selling hardware to enabling developers to market their applications in these regions.

During the keynote, Tim Cook emphasized the importance of the Chinese market, introducing several new features in both Mountain Lion and iOS 6 tailored for Chinese consumers.

Apple’s recent software updates show a strong commitment to integrating Chinese digital services. Enhancements include support for Baidu, a leading Chinese search engine, and Sina Weibo, which is widely used for microblogging in China, similar to Twitter.

Additionally, Apple has improved text input features and expanded Siri’s capabilities to understand various Chinese dialects. On the desktop front, OS X’s Mail application now supports QQ Mail and other popular Chinese email services.

These developments are just the beginning of Apple’s intensified focus on the Chinese market, which is expected to see substantial growth.

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