Adobe Confirms InDesign Crashing on Latest MacBooks

Users of Adobe InDesign on the latest MacBook Pro models equipped with Intel Ivy Bridge processors are encountering significant issues with both Creative Suite 5 and Creative Suite 6 versions of the software. A growing thread on Adobe’s website details these problems, which occur during basic operations such as removing a page containing objects.

The application often freezes, showing an empty error message before unexpectedly quitting.

Adobe has recognized this malfunction and currently, the only solution suggested is to downgrade OS X to a pre-10.7.4 version. The update to Mac OS X version 10.7.4 was released in May, affecting not only existing users but also those who have recently purchased a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, as these devices come with the updated OS pre-installed.

The specific reasons why Ivy Bridge Macs are more susceptible to these issues compared to their Sandy Bridge predecessors have not been disclosed by Adobe.

Furthermore, it remains uncertain if this issue will persist with the upcoming release of Mountain Lion, which should be released later this month. For ongoing updates and user discussions, one can monitor the Adobe thread.


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