Twitter Updates Force Removal of Tweetbot for Mac Alpha

Recent developments have emerged on Twitter and its associated applications following the introduction of new API regulations. Just yesterday, Tapbots withdrew the alpha release of Tweetbot for Mac from public access.

Paul Haddad, from Tapbots, shared that attempts were made to negotiate with Twitter over the user token cap during the beta phase, but no satisfactory resolution was reached, leading to the withdrawal of the public alpha. However, those who have already installed the alpha can continue using it.

Haddad has reassured that the complete version of Tweetbot for Mac will soon be released.

He also encouraged those who tested the alpha but chose not to continue using it to revoke access to free up user tokens.

In related news, The Next Web has noted that Twitter has stopped displaying the client information used to post tweets, emphasizing a more uniform reading experience.

John Devis

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