Siemens NotePhone, Rare Newton-Based Model Available on eBay

Collectors of unique Apple memorabilia should consider visiting eBay, where a highly uncommon Siemens NotePhone has been listed for purchase. According to the seller, known as “yennyman,” this device was briefly available in the European market back in 1994.

The NotePhone primarily functioned as a modular speakerphone designed for office environments, incorporating a fax modem and a Newton MessagePad 100, which was used for jotting down notes, scheduling appointments, and preparing faxes.

Notably, the Newton bore the Siemens logo rather than Apple’s. When first released, the NotePhone was priced at approximately DM2,400, equivalent to around US$1,000.

It’s worth noting that there was a prototype developed later based on the MessagePad 2000/2100, though it seemingly never reached the market.

For those keen on adding this rare piece to their collection, time is of the essence. The last occurrence of this item on eBay was back in 2004.

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