360iDev Advocates for Fair Pricing of iOS Apps

During a recent presentation at 360iDev, Joe Cieplinski, a former educator and Apple Store worker turned designer for Bombing Brain Interactive, delved into the App Store’s pricing trends, particularly the “race to the bottom”. He highlighted the early days when developers opted for the lowest price point of 99 cents, a strategy that initially led to substantial profits for a few but eventually set a precedent that Cieplinski believes is unsustainable.

He humorously noted that the trend has escalated to the point where developers might soon pay users to download their apps, a scenario that is not far from the truth.

Cieplinski argued that many apps priced at 99 cents are undervalued, and that developers fear backlash if prices are raised. However, he advocates for what he terms a “fair price,” which reflects the true value of high-quality apps.

He referenced Apple’s pricing strategy with the iWork suite at $9.99 each as a model for developers, suggesting that higher prices can indeed lead to successful outcomes, as evidenced by the success of these apps.

Cieplinski’s own experience with Teleprompt+, which launched at $9.99 and saw increasing sales over time, supports his point. The app’s price was later increased to $14.99 with the release of version 2.0, which not only included a major redesign but also added new features, leading to even higher sales.

However, Cieplinski acknowledges that this strategy requires a high-quality product and a commitment to marketing, customer support, and frequent updates.


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