iTunes Match Issues and iOS 6 User Complaints Surge

Despite the potential convenience offered by iTunes Match, I remain skeptical about subscribing to it. Numerous users have reported persistent problems, such as their music collections being repeatedly erased and restored without warning.

With the introduction of iOS 6, new complications have emerged, further tarnishing the appeal of this service.

In a discussion on the Apple forums, a user named Steve Lawrence highlighted several frustrating new issues with iTunes Match on iOS 6, including:

  • Once songs are downloaded to an iPhone, they cannot be deleted, inevitably leading to storage issues.

  • Users are forced to download entire albums rather than selecting individual tracks.

Another forum participant pointed out problems with song files becoming corrupted.

Apple markets iTunes Match not as a streaming service but as a means to access your music library from any device. However, the service automatically manages device storage by deleting older and less frequently played tracks, which can be inconvenient.

For instance, what if you need to install a large application like Infinity Blade but your device storage is nearly full? An option for manual control over these settings would be preferable.

How has your experience with iTunes Match on iOS 6 been? Are you satisfied with the service, or have you encountered similar issues?


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