2022 Best Mac Products: TUAW Awards Highlights

Although the Mac was not Apple’s initial offering, it epitomizes the company’s design ethos and business philosophy, having introduced the first personal computer accessible to the general public. This final installment of the TUAW Best of 2012 Awards series highlights the top Mac software and hardware as chosen by TUAW’s audience. Don’t forget to also explore the winners for the iPhone and iPad.

Best Mac Game App of 2012

Rovio’s Angry Birds Star Wars ($4.99) clinched the title for Best Game across iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms, securing 52 percent of the votes, significantly outperforming Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Campaign Edition ($39.99), which came in second.

Best Mac Music App of 2012

With an overwhelming 81 percent of the votes, iTunes 11 emerged as the top Mac Music App. The redesigned interface resonated well with users.

Spotify, known for its vast music library, was the runner-up, capturing 11 percent of the vote.

Best Mac Photo App of 2012

Apple’s professional photo management tool, Aperture ($79.99), won the Best Mac Photo App category. The runner-up was another Apple product, iPhoto ’11 ($14.99), included with all new Macs as part of iLife ’11.

Best Mac Productivity App of 2012

The productivity tool of choice among TUAW readers was Alfred (free), which also won the best Mac utility app in 2011. It surpassed Evernote (free), which came in second.

Best Mac Social Networking App of 2012

The top spot in the Mac social networking category was taken by Adium (free), which supports multiple messaging platforms. The official Twitter app was the runner-up, closely followed by Tweetbot for Mac.

Best Mac Utility App of 2012

AgileBits’ 1Password ($49.99) continued its winning streak from the iPad and iPhone categories, capturing nearly 60 percent of the vote for the Mac utility category.

CleanMyMac ($29.95 for a lifetime license) was the second most popular choice.

Best Mac Video App of 2012

Apple’s Final Cut Pro X ($299.99) dominated the video app category with 43 percent of the votes. Handbrake (free), the open-source video transcoder, was the runner-up.

Best Mac Accessory of 2012

The Apple TV ($99) won the Mac accessory category with an impressive 90 percent of the votes. The Fitbit ($59.95 for the Fitbit Zip, $99.95 for the Fitbit One) was the second favorite, offering fitness tracking capabilities.

Best Mac Peripheral of 2012

LaCie’s Little Big Disk ($349.99 to $999.00), a mobile Thunderbolt drive, was voted the best Mac peripheral. Apple’s Magic Trackpad ($69) came in second, popular among desktop Mac users for its multi-touch support.

We appreciate your active participation in nominating and voting for your favorite Mac products and software in the TUAW Best of 2012.

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