iOS Games Outearn Android Games by 3.5 Times

The latest insights from App Annie, a renowned tracker of App Store metrics, reveal encouraging trends for iOS developers. According to their recent findings, revenue from iOS platforms has surged by approximately 20% from the previous year, significantly outpacing Android, with iOS earnings being roughly 3.5 times greater.

This disparity is evident in the revenue spikes observed in both the Apple App Store and Google Play, particularly in the second half of the previous year, as depicted in the visual data above.

Interestingly, the leading applications in terms of downloads on the App Store are not games but rather belong to Apple and Google themselves, who do not develop games. However, when it comes to generating revenue, games dominate the marketplace.

Major gaming companies like EA, Zynga, and GREE continue to draw substantial income. It’s noteworthy that some top earners in the revenue charts manage this with just one or two games, highlighting that a single successful game can significantly impact a developer’s financial success on this expansive platform.


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