Caturday Spotlight: Mr. G, the Coding Cat Extraordinaire

Caturday Spotlight: Mr. G

At times, the world of programming can be overwhelmingly tiring, prompting even the most diligent among us to recline atop a MacBook Air for a well-deserved rest…

Meet Mr. G, short for Mr. Grumblecat, a charming ten-month-old blue British Shorthair who doubles as a development assistant for his owner, Eric Kelly.

Caturday Spotlight: Mr. G

For those newly acquainted with Mr. G, here are some delightful tidbits: “His preferred sleeping spots are often the least comfortable-looking, like a hard wooden tray. He enjoys perching on my lap while I work on the computer, curiously observing the screen.

In a nightly ritual, about ten minutes after we’ve gone to bed, he trots into the bedroom carrying one of his toys in his mouth. His top food choice? Trout.”

And if you’re wondering whether Mr. G truly allows Eric to handle all the technical tasks, here’s evidence of his commitment to the job:

We’re eager to see snapshots of your beloved cat enjoying the warmth of an Apple product, pursuing a Magic Mouse, or simply causing adorable disruptions during your work on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

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