Facebook Messenger Alternatives: Top Two Methods

Facebook Messenger Alternatives: Top Two Methods

While some have labeled the new Facebook Messenger app as a threat to privacy, it’s not necessarily the villain it’s made out to be. However, the mandatory nature of its download has irked many users. Yet, there are still a couple of strategies to avoid installing Messenger and continue messaging via your smartphone.

One method, highlighted by The Guardian, involves a clever but temporary workaround.

Facebook Messenger Alternatives: Top Two Methods

Here’s how it works:

  • If the Facebook app prompts you to install Messenger, tap on the install button, then swiftly navigate to the App Store and cancel the installation. When you return to the Facebook app, the standard messaging interface should be accessible once more.

This workaround, however, might become cumbersome as it needs to be repeated with every app restart or when Facebook updates its app to close this loophole. If this seems too inconvenient, there’s another alternative using your mobile web browser.

  • Accessing Facebook through a browser like Safari offers the same messaging capabilities as the desktop version, albeit with a less user-friendly interface.

    The messaging window on the mobile site is notably small, complicating the composition of longer messages. This limitation in the mobile site’s design might be intentional, nudging users towards the app.

For those resisting the Messenger app, these two methods are currently the best ways to bypass it. It remains to be seen how Facebook will address these workarounds in the future.

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