Pic Navi App Reveals Time and Location of iPhone Photos

Pic Navi App Reveals Time and Location of iPhone Photos

When you snap a photo with your iPhone, it captures a wealth of data including the location, the exact moment it was taken, and details about the camera settings. Although this data tagging can be toggled on or off via the Privacy > Location Services settings on your device, the tags themselves aren’t visible directly on your iPhone. However, they can be accessed through iPhoto and various other software on both Mac and PC.

The application Pic Navi, which is free but supported by ads, offers a straightforward way to view this information.

Pic Navi App Reveals Time and Location of iPhone Photos

It displays each photo along with its date and time, and by tapping the compass icon, you can view the photo’s location on a map. A further tap on the map pin can even give you directions to return to the location where the photo was taken. Navigating through photos is seamless—simply swipe left or right to see the metadata for each image.

The performance of Pic Navi is commendable.

For those who wish to enhance their experience, there is a Pro version available for US$2.99. This upgrade allows users to share photo locations via email, Twitter, or Facebook, and also offers customization options for the timestamp including font and color changes, all while removing ads. Personally, I found the free version quite satisfactory and didn’t mind the advertisements.

While there are other apps like Photo Investigator that offer similar functionalities, Pic Navi’s user-friendly interface makes it my preferred choice.

Compatible with all devices running iOS 7 or later, Pic Navi fills a gap that Apple has left in its native iPhone functionality, making it a valuable tool for photographers and casual users alike who wish to keep track of their photo metadata easily.

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