iOS 8 Camera App Guide: Mastering Smart Composition Techniques

iOS 8 Camera App Guide: Mastering Smart Composition Techniques

The iPhone’s camera is frequently touted as one of its most utilized features. The vast array of available camera applications underscores its popularity, and personally, I find myself snapping pictures far more often than making calls.

While it may not rival a professional DSLR, the iPhone’s camera stands out as one of the top smartphone cameras in terms of image quality.

iOS 8 Camera App Guide: Mastering Smart Composition Techniques

With the introduction of iOS 8, several new functionalities have been added to enhance the photographic experience.

Many of these capabilities were previously available through third-party apps, but are now seamlessly integrated into Apple’s native camera software.

A particularly notable addition is what Apple has dubbed ‘Smart Composition Tools’. These tools automatically adjust the alignment of horizons—a common issue in photography—and perform intelligent cropping.

Should you notice a skewed horizon after capturing a photo, simply switch to edit mode, select the crop tool, and iOS 8 will assess the camera’s angle at the time of the shot and adjust accordingly.

This adjustment can also be fine-tuned manually, allowing for intentional tilts if desired.

The cropping tool itself offers various aspect ratios such as 5×4 or 16×9. Although you can manually adjust the frame to achieve the desired composition, the process lacks automated features like face recognition or balanced cropping, which I half-expected.

The standout feature here is undoubtedly the auto-leveling capability, which promises to rectify countless photos taken with an unlevel camera.

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