Is It Caturday or Bunday? Exploring Pet-Themed Days

Is It Caturday or Bunday? Exploring Pet-Themed Days

What’s the perfect pet to feature on a day that’s neither Caturday nor a Dog Day of Summer? For John-Paul and Nicole Clough from Oxford, England, the answer is a rabbit for “Bunday”! John-Paul shares:

“We thought we’d reach out as it seems there’s been a shortage of cat photos recently… 🙂 We’re hoping you might consider showcasing our rabbit, Thelma, also known as Thelma T Rabbit or Big T, as a fun alternative for your entertaining Dog Days of Summer/Caturday series. Maybe call it Rabbitday, Bunday, or Ears Looking at You? It’s a bit unusual, but Thelma has a deep affection for our MacBook. This photo captures their first meeting.

Is It Caturday or Bunday? Exploring Pet-Themed Days

Since then, she’s taken to lounging on it frequently, even going so far as to try and groom it by licking the screen. She seems to be drawn not only to its sleek design and performance but also to the warmth it emits and its soft humming, which seems to comfort her after a long day of grazing. And though she loves strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and apples, apples are by far her favorite treat.

Here she is…”

Thelma seems to be all ears, keenly attuned to the gentle murmurs of the MacBook. via our feedback page and remember, we’re eager to see photos of your beloved pet—be it feline or bunny—enjoying the warmth of an Apple product, chasing a Magic Mouse, or simply causing adorable disruptions during your work sessions on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Please ensure that your pet’s photo relates in some way to Apple products.

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