Caturday Spotlight: Gipetto Pauses During Laptop SSD Upgrade

Caturday Spotlight: Gipetto Pauses During Laptop SSD Upgrade

Every Caturday brings its share of surprises, and today’s no exception as we witness a cat assisting with a MacBook upgrade.

A TUAW reader, Mike Marin, shared:

Caturday Spotlight: Gipetto Pauses During Laptop SSD Upgrade

“Hello everyone, for this Caturday, I’m sharing a photo of our cat, Gipetto. He’s fond of cozy spots and often sleeps on our arms while we’re busy on our iMacs.

He’s also quite curious about my laptop disassembly projects and occasionally lends a paw. Today, he outdid himself by dozing off after helping me install a new, fast SSD in my older MacBook Pro.”

“He’s a big fan of all things Mac and hopefully, he’ll join the Caturday archives at TUAW like his stepsister, Aria.”

“Appreciate your blog a lot, thanks!”

We’re always eager to see your cats enjoying the warmth of an Apple device, playing with a Magic Mouse, or causing adorable disruptions during your work on Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

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