2014 Rumor Roundup: Worst Sources of the Year

WWDC Update: No New iMacs Expected to Launch

As 2014 draws to a close, the tech world buzzes with speculation, notably about Apple’s forthcoming ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook Air, as reported by MacRumors. However, the source of this rumor, Digitimes, holds a notorious track record for accuracy, casting doubt on the veracity of the claim.

Throughout the year, Digitimes has managed to accurately predict only a single Apple-related rumor, leaving a trail of unconfirmed and incorrect reports in its wake.

WWDC Update: No New iMacs Expected to Launch

Despite this, coverage from MacRumors omits any mention of Digitimes’ unreliable history.

Similarly, BGR fails to acknowledge the source’s poor track record, and while AppleInsider briefly mentions the issue, it’s hardly enough to inform readers adequately.

One hopes for a shift towards more responsible journalism in the tech world come 2015, but the trend of prioritizing clicks over credibility seems set to continue.

In another rumor, Apple is speculated to be considering a return to the 4-inch phone size with an ‘iPhone 6s mini’, according to AppleInsider. This rumor originates from an analyst’s note, which suggests the use of “purpose-built low cost components” by Qualcomm to reduce prices.

This speculation seems reminiscent of the prelude to the iPhone 5c, which also promised a cheaper iPhone model but didn’t quite meet those expectations.

It’s more likely that if Apple does release a 4-inch iPhone, it will be an upgrade of the iPhone 5c model, incorporating features like Touch ID and updated internal components similar to the iPhone 5s.

Given the source’s dubious history with Apple predictions, it’s wise to maintain a healthy skepticism about the potential for a dramatically new or inexpensive iPhone model appearing next year.

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