Caturday: Leo and Lily Play with iPad and MacBook Pro, Stylus No More

Caturday: Leo and Lily Play with iPad and MacBook Pro

Welcome to the first Caturday of 2015, where we celebrate with not just a purr but a mighty meow. Meet Leo and Lily, the beloved pets of TUAW reader Cindy Lauman. Pictured above is Lily, who finds comfort and warmth atop a MacBook Pro with Retina display.

Below, Leo can be seen using a MacBook covered by a purple Speck shell as his preferred resting spot.

Caturday: Leo and Lily Play with iPad and MacBook Pro

Interestingly, the Adonit Jot Script – Evernote Edition stylus is not just for note-taking; Leo finds it perfect as a cat toy. Moreover, Leo enjoys engaging with various iPad apps designed by Friskies. Cindy shares, “To keep him from playing with my daughter’s Barbie dolls—his favorite activity was to chew on their tulle dresses and sneak off with a doll—we introduced him to these apps.

It kept both my daughter and Leo content for a time.”

We are eager to see your cats enjoying or interacting with Apple products, whether they’re lounging on a warm laptop, chasing a Magic Mouse, or simply causing adorable disruptions during your work. Share your photos with us via our feedback page. Please ensure the photos relate to Apple products.

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