Caturday Special: MacBook Transforms into Zuul Entity

Caturday Special: MacBook Transforms into Zuul Entity

Meet Zuul, a charming cat with a name that will resonate with any Ghostbusters aficionado. Zuul, who belongs to TUAW reader Jordan Schooler, has a peculiar fondness for Apple products, particularly using Jordan’s MacBook Air as a comfortable headrest.

“Zuul has a knack for making himself a cozy spot out of my MacBook Air.

Caturday Special: MacBook Transforms into Zuul Entity

It’s his favorite spot, especially when I’m trying to work,” Jordan shares. “He’s been this way since he was a kitten, always preferring to nuzzle against Apple products.

His housemate Gozer, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same enthusiasm and might secretly be a Linux enthusiast.”

We’re eager to see your cat’s antics with Apple gadgets, whether they’re basking in the warmth of a MacBook, playfully chasing a Magic Mouse, or simply being adorably disruptive during your work sessions on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Share your stories and photos with us via our feedback page.


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