Tech-Savvy Brown Cat Masters MacBook Usage

Tech-Savvy Brown Cat Masters MacBook Usage

Throughout the tenure of our Caturday feature, numerous cats have graced us with their presence alongside Apple gadgets, often using them as warm beds or playful platforms. However, Brown Cat stands out as the first feline who appears to genuinely understand the purpose of a computer.

This tech-savvy cat resides in Melbourne, Australia, with her human, Ryan Haldane-Underwood.

Tech-Savvy Brown Cat Masters MacBook Usage

Her meticulous attention to the MacBook screen and her precise positioning over the trackpad strongly suggest she’s more than just casually interested in technology.

Ryan shares:

“From the moment Brown Cat joined our family as a kitten, she’s shown a keen interest in technology, mimicking our actions by placing her paws on the keyboard and staring intently at the screen. (I think she’d make an excellent Social Media Consultant!)”

While Brown Cat may not be joining the workforce just yet, she has certainly earned her stripes as a celebrated TUAW Caturday Cat.

We’re always eager to see your cats interacting with Apple products, whether they’re basking in the glow of an iPad, playfully pawing at a Magic Mouse, or causing adorable disruptions during your workday. Let us know via our feedback page and remember to link your photos hosted on platforms like Dropbox, Flickr, or iPhoto Journals, as we cannot accept direct attachments for security reasons.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ryan and Brown Cat for their delightful contribution!


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