Entry, the First

Greetings, Blog-readers! I’m here to announce that I’ve been assimilated by the Borg of the blogosphere (imagining, of course, the Borg to be a force of good, rather than evil, and filled with a slew of really nice people, rather than cyborg hive-minded automatons). I’m very excited to be a part of The Unofficial Apple Weblog and Weblogs, Inc..

I’ve been thinking about how to introduce myself here at TUAW without sounding too cheesy or too full of myself.  I read over Barb’s first post, and was going to do something pleasant like her entry, but then had the idea for the entire Star Trek reference in the first paragraph.  That blew the cheesy part out of the water, and as evidenced by my own blog (with which some of you may be familiar), I am rather full of myself and often overly self-involved, so screw it.  Here’s a brief bio of me, alongside my Apple-related credentials:

I was born on the first day of snowfall in 10 years in Gulfport, Mississippi.  Lots of boring stuff happened, then puberty, then more boring stuff, until eventually in 1996 I bought my first Apple computer: a Powerbook 5300cs. *sigh* I’ve been a devoted Powerbook user (with a few iBooks here and there) ever since.  My current machine is a 12-inch Powerbook that I love so much that I created a now-defunct blog devoted to it. I bought a 1G iPod shortly after they were first announced, and imediately began blogging about it on my iPod blog.

A little over a year ago, I wrote some Applescripts called Share2Blue2th that were mentioned in Mac OS X Unwired by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith. I emailed O’Reilly, the publisher of the book, saying, “Hey, I am a writer, can I write for you?” and suddenly found myself contributing a handful of hacks to Mac OS X Panther Hacks by Rael Dornfest and James Duncan Davidson. I then wrote several more articles for iPod & iTunes Hacks by Hadley Stern and also worked as tech editor for that book. Hadley asked me if I’d be interested in writing articles for AppleMatters. I was, and now I do.

At heart, however, I’m not an article writer, but a blogger.  I am obsessed with this medium and with Apple, so I was very pleased when Barb emailed me and said, “Wanna blog 4 us?”  I was all like, “OMG, r u serious!?” and she was like, “lol totally!” and I was like, “LMAO THIS IS GREAT!” So here we are. 

Stay tuned. I promise my future posts will be less self-involved and more of the squishy-Apple-goodness you all have come to know and love here at The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

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