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Greenpeace creates mock Apple homepage

Apple is not Greenpeace's favorite computer company, as we all know (though I'm not sure what company Greenpeace actually likes, but that is a subject for a different blog). Continuing their 'Why must Apple sell poison' campaign Greenpeace has launched a site that parodies While this is a clever idea, I have to wonder why there is no Dell page. They explain that Dell has pretty good standards and that Apple would force them to be even better, but somehow I doubt that (the forcing bit, I know nothing of Dell's environmental record).

Ah, right, in their FAQ they say, 'No - this is not a campaign against Apple - it's a campaign to change Apple for the better,' and 'Apple should be setting the trend for a green future.' I just hope that Greenpeace isn't targeting a sexy computer company (probably the only computer company on the planet that can be called sexy) to get attention. I'm sure they are just concerned for us all.

[via Daring Fireball]

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