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FlickrExport for Aperture 1.0

Fraser Speirs was happy to announce this morning the official 1.0 release of his FlickrExport for Aperture plugin, which provides a direct conduit for your works of art to the heavenly nirvana of Flickr. I don't own Aperture, but the plugin seems to have the same UI and functionality as his #1 smash hit: FlickrExport for iPhoto (though it should be noted that on his product page, Frasier makes it clear that the existence of a feature in one of the plugins does not necessitate its existence in the other). Pricing for the Aperture plugin is $26.25 USD (or £14), and a cross-grades from the iPhoto plugin can be had for 50% off by using your FlickrExport for iPhoto serial number as a coupon code. Clever, Mr. Speirs.

Demos of both plugins are of course offered, and Apple (finally!) released a 30-day test drive of Aperture last month, so you really have no excuse for not checking these bad boys out. I was a user of the iPhoto plugin since the early days, and I gladly dropped the cash for a license.

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