iPhone as a touchpad

I love this. Reader Jahanzeb sent us a little mini-app he cooked up out of vnsea that turns your Installer.app-enabled iPhone into a touchpad for your PC (and Mac, I assume, though the video above shows Windows). Once you've got the two talking to each other, you can click, double-click, and even drag windows around. Jahanzeb says scrolling is possible, "although it's a little rusty."

Telekinesis is still awesome, but this app basically turns your iPhone into a remote for your whole computer. Anything you can do by moving and clicking a mouse around, you can do with this. Very neat. It is too bad that it requires Installer.app, and that it has to be done unofficially, but the official SDK is still (hopefully) just around the corner. I remain amazed at how much programmers like Jahanzeb and the vnsea guys (and anyone else working on the iPhone) are able to do unofficially.

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