Top 100 retail landmarks: Apple makes the list

RetailWeek recently compiled a list of the top 100 retail locations around the world. What did they find? Well, Apple holds two positions in their list: one for the 5th Avenue store (New York) and one for the Regent Street store (London).

According to the list, the 5th Avenue store has all three key deciding factors: "excitement, education and ease." They go on to say that the glass cube is in line with the "DNA of the brand."

Does this change your mind about shopping at Apple's retail stores? Be sure to take our poll and drop a comment.

Do you shop at the Apple Store?
Yes, always1469 (40.7%)
Sometimes1669 (46.2%)
No293 (8.1%)
No, I only use 3rd-party retailers181 (5.0%)

[via MacNN]

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