What's happening with iWork.com?

Last January, Apple released iWork.com at Macworld Expo. For the unfamiliar, it's a collaborative site that allows a team to share and review any iWork document. I've used it with Keynote and found it quite handy. Invited participants can comment on a document, download it in multiple formats and upload revisions. There's even some integration with Google Docs.

It was almost a year ago that Apple released the beta of iWork.com, and little has been mentioned since. It definitely needs work. It's slow with large documents which is a turn off for many users. Still, I think it has potential and hope it doesn't go the way of AppleWorks. Perhaps that new data center they're building in North Carolina (schedule to open sometime in 2010) will throw a little horsepower to this project.

Have you used iWork.com or is there another neglected Apple app that needs some attention? Sound off below.

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