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SlingPlayer Mobile finally works on 3G

We all knew it was coming, and it's here. Yes, Apple has finally approved, with the belated blessing of AT&T, a version of the SlingPlayer Mobile app that now works on the 3G network.

The original release of SlingPlayer Mobile [iTunes link] was WiFi only, and was one of the great disappointments of the whole iPhone experience. The folks at Sling Media worked hard to get the app approved, and AT&T finally relented, probably because the FCC has been breathing down the necks of the cellular providers who seem a bit, shall we say, arbitrary about what gets on the network. AT&T had no problem with streaming MLB games, but kept giving the Sling developers a big honking rejection.

Whatever the reason, it's good to see the SlingPlayer app working as it was designed. I just ran out to the front yard to test it and it worked as advertised. I had 3 bars of signal strength, and the picture was acceptable with good sync between audio and video. Channel changes were a bit slow, but tolerable.

So if you're in a downloading mood, and have the hardware to support it, go to it. The upgrade is free to all who have the crippled WiFi version, as it darn well should be.

[Thanks Jim for the tip!]

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