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Confirmed: The mythical "iProd" is the real-world iPad

Last summer, the Apple web was abuzz with the discovery of a mysterious "iProd" device in the iPhone's USB identifier list. Leaving aside the obvious jokes, and noting with some astonishment that Erica actually presaged the name back in 2006, we now can say for sure: the iProd was, in fact, the iPad.

Full explanation after the link below.

The screen shot above was captured from System Profiler on a Mac connected to an iPad. See the Product ID? It's 0x129a. That's written in hexadecimal, of course. In normal base 10 numbers, 0x129a corresponds to 4762, the exact product ID number found back in August.

 "iProd1,1" = {
ConfigurationDescriptors = standardMuxPTPEthernet;
deviceID = 1;
manufacturerString = "Apple Inc.";
productID = 4762;
productString = iProd;
vendorID = 1452;

The iProd1,1 (now, likely, the iPad 1,1) is actually the second version of the iProd device. An even earlier version (iProd 0,1) with a product ID of 4757 was spotted before the 1,1 device came into use. Now, if we could only figure out what the iFGPA was all about:

 iFPGA = {
ConfigurationDescriptors = standardMuxPTP;
deviceID = 1;
manufacturerString = "Apple Inc.";
productID = 4760;
productString = iFPGA;
vendorID = 1452;

Oh, and by the way, the next generation of iPhone? It's the 3,1 iPhone. For your quick reference, the 3GS was the 2,1 iPhone; the 3G was the 1,2 iPhone; and the original iPhone was 1,1. The product number for the upcoming iPhone 3,1 will be 4759, or 0x1297.

Something to look forward to.

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