Square payment system launches on iPad

The wait is over. The app that blew us away at Macworld Expo, Square, has finally launched...on the iPad.

Originally developed and advertised as an iPhone app, Square hit shelves this morning as a fully-optimized iPad app. Now customers can install Square on their iPads, effectively turning them into flat black cash registers.

While we loved the preview of Square on the iPhone, it's another ball of wax on the iPad. The extra room and gorgeous UI make it look more professional, plus there's plenty of room for signatures, images and more. The "receipt" itself is much more legible. I can easily see this sitting on a dock or being carried around by a merchant.

The free app includes a dongle that plugs into the iPad's headphone jack, which means you can still use the app while the iPad is docked.

This speaks directly to what I said about the iPad yesterday: Its "killer app" is potential, the blank slate it offers to developers. For many customers, this app will be a game-changer.

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