'Antennagate' press conference video and official pages up

Now that Apple's command performance for journalists in Cupertino this morning to deliver the full story on the iPhone 4's image problem is concluded, the company has posted the video of the event [link fixed] for your viewing pleasure. See the fetching Keynote presentation and the demonstrations of other smartphones' reception issues with your very own eyes! Enjoy.

Along with the video, there's a new section on apple.com that shows the anechoic chambers, the design process, videos of other smartphones and more than you ever wanted to know about antenna engineering for modern cellphones. Apple clearly wants us to understand that the iPhone 4 wasn't just thrown together by some cavemen in a cubicle.

[For those who were getting the WWDC video off that link, the CDN redirect was flaky -- the canonical link for it is http://www.apple.com/apple-events/july-2010/]

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