Engadget iPad app now available

engadget ipad app mom always did like her best
What's better than a (non-existent) TUAW iPad app? A real, live Engadget iPad app! Our big sister Engadget just rolled out a shiny new iPad app featuring a ton of stuff like Evernote and Instapaper integration, support for the Engadget podcast and much, much more. Oh, did you know there's an Engadget Podcast Bingo App as well? It's true. This is not a dream. Get your greasy fingers out of that bag of chips and swipe your gadget ignorance away today. It's free, so the most you'll lose is hours of sleep basking in the big E's glow.

Just a note: No, there's no TUAW iPad app coming soon. We are working on an update to our iPhone app as we speak, however. Plus, we've got a few other surprises coming in 2011. Stay tuned!

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