Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview coming to theaters in November

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will arrive in Landmark Theatres nationwide on November 16 and 17. As the title suggests, the movie is an interview, specifically a 70-minute conversation between Steve Jobs and Robert Cringely that was held in 1995.

A small 10-minute segment of the original conversation was included in the Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires, a 1996 PBS miniseries about Silicon Valley. The rest of the interview was supposed to be included in a sequel to the PBS series, but the original footage was lost.

Unbeknownst to Cringely, Paul Sen, the director of the original Triumph of the Nerds series, recorded a backup copy of the interview on VHS. When Steve Jobs passed away, Sen began a hunt for the video and found it in the deep, dark recesses of his garage.

Sen then contacted Cringely who, in turn, contacted Landmark Theatres co-owner Mark Cuban about screening the film. It only took five minutes for Cuban to agree and another $6,000 investment to convert the VHS recording into a theatrical-quality film.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview will be shown in Landmark Theatres in 17 cities nationwide including those in New York, Los Angeles and Palo Alto, the center of Silicon Valley.

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