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Apple clarifies iPad 4G in Australia

Apple is under fire for its iPad 4G marketing in Australia and facing legal action from a consumer watchdog group which claims the company's advertising is misleading. After a meeting with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Apple has agreed to modify its advertising in the country, says a report in The Next Web.

Apple will add a statement to its marketing materials that'll clarify that the iPad is not compatible with Australia's LTE and WiMAX networks. Its website and in-store signage will now say,

This product supports very fast cellular networks. It is not compatible with current Australian LTE networks and WiMAX networks.

For service from a wireless carrier, sign up for a simple, month-by-month plan on your iPad and cancel anytime without penalty.

Apple will also contact current iPad WiFi+4G owners and offer them a refund. Apple's not delaying on this and has already changed the wording on its website. It will change its in-store materials and contact iPad 4G customers by April 5th.

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