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Suspect found guilty in 2010 iPad user info leak

Andrew Auernheimer, one of two people charged last year with leaking the email addresses of 114,000 iPad users with AT&T data plans, has been found guilty on two felony counts by a federal court in New Jersey. Auernheimer is facing 10 years for fraud and conspiracy to access a computer without authorization. The other defendant in the case, Daniel Spitler, accepted a plea deal last year.

Auernheimer and Spitler, part of a group calling itself Goatse Security, discovered a method for getting AT&T's website to provide them with iPad customer email addresses by inputting a legitimate SIM card ID number. Prosecutors in the case used extensive IRC chat transcripts to convince a jury that the two released the email addresses in an attempt to harm AT&T. For its part, the company fixed the flaw after it was exposed to the public.

In a tweet, Auernheimer said that he intends to appeal the verdict.

[Via Gizmodo]

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