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Apple named top stock for 2013 by Barron's

Apple named Top Stock for 2013Despite falling off significantly from its highest point of the year at over $700 a share, Apple's stock is still a hot topic amongst investment gurus. Financial magazine Barron's not only retains faith in Cupertino's value, but feels so strongly about the company's ability to once again reach a lofty value that is has placed Apple at the top of its Favorite Stocks for 2013 list.

Helping boost Apple's standing in Barron's eyes is its current price-to-earnings ratio, which the publication notes is at its lowest point in half a decade. "None of the recent investor concerns -- lower margins, supply constraints, management changes, iPad competition and the iPhone 5 map fiasco -- are major," Barron's explains. "There's room for a higher dividend and a more aggressive share-repurchase program in 2013. Both could play well with investors."

[Via: BGR]

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