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Vine tops the free app list in the US App Store

Twitter's Vine app has only been available since late January of 2013, but it's already become a favorite app for folks who love shooting, editing and sharing six-second videos of just about everything. Yesterday, Vine reached the number one spot of the US App Store for free apps, causing Vine app Creative Director and Co-founder Rus Yusupov (@rus) to engage in a little Twitter hyperbole (above).

Who knows? The way Vine's popularity has been growing steadily since its initial release, perhaps Yusupov will soon be correct in saying that it's the "No. 1 most popular app in the world." The app integrates well with Twitter so shared videos show up frequently in the tweet timeline -- it's a perfect way to market Vine without spending a dime.

Yesterday TUAW reported on Vine Flip, an "analog" version of Vine consisting of flipbooks printed from Vine movies. I'm personally waiting for a compilation of TUAW editor-in-chief Victor Agreda's (@superpixel) internationally acclaimed "Angry Finger" Vine videos, but there's no word yet on when that may make it to a theater near you.

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