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DevJuice: Launch image and app icon naming scheme

Some things aren't particularly obvious, but can be very handy to know for when you need them.

With the hope that this will be useful to our DevJuice community, TUAW presents the following without further comment:

  • LaunchImage-700@2x~iphone
  • LaunchImage-700-568h@2x~iphone
  • LaunchImage-700-Portrait~ipad
  • LaunchImage-700-Portrait@2x~ipad
  • LaunchImage-700-Landscape~ipad
  • LaunchImage-700-Landscape@2x~ipad
  • AppIcon72x72@2x
  • AppIcon72x72
  • AppIcon60x60@2x
  • AppIcon50x50@2x
  • AppIcon50x50
  • AppIcon29x29@2x
  • AppIcon29x29

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