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The best (and worst) iWatch concepts

iwatch concept

Apple might possibly launch a wrist-wearable smart device this year that could maybe be fitness and health focused, but that's about as much as anyone cares to guess at this point. The almost complete lack of verifiable information regarding the device -- which has been unanimously tagged the "iWatch" -- means that talent concept artists have had an absolute field day with the idea, creating gadgets that range from mild to mind-blowing.

Here are the good, the bad, and the ugly iWatch concepts that the web has come up with so far.

iwatch concept

Designer: ADR Studio

Verdict: It's one of the more modest iWatch concepts and definitely has the "iPhone shrunk for your wrist" feel to it. I wouldn't be against a smartwatch like this, though I have a feeling battery life would be abysmal.

iwatch concept

Designer: Esben Oxholm

Verdict: It's definitely got the Apple look. It's sleek, simple, and sexy without being flashy. The curved glass seems like a cracked screen just waiting to happen, and the rigid design will limit its mass appeal, but it would have plenty of fans, too.

iwatch concept

Designer: Anders Kjellberg

Verdict: This one looks like it could appear on a store shelf tomorrow, but it also feels a bit like something you'd see with a Casio logo. The concept features a FaceTime camera and access to apps like Maps, but it really doesn't look like an Apple product.

iwatch concept

Designer: Pavel Simeonov

Verdict: I could definitely see Apple going with the long-screen route, which makes this concept feel pretty solid. The in-band camera seems like wishful thinking, as does the edge-to-edge display, but if the mythical iWatch went with a design like this, it would definitely shake things up.

iwatch concept

Designer: Federico Ciccarese

Verdict: This one is a bit pie-in-the-sky, given its massive screen and what is essentially a full iPhone feature set, but there's no denying that it's gorgeous. It seems like it would get scratched up pretty quickly, but that's the price you pay to wear a smartphone on your wrist.

iwatch concept

Designer: Nickolay Lamm

Verdict: Now this is an interesting idea. As Lamm states on his site, he used ideas from Apple's own patent for "spiral navigation" for the UI, and it's certainly unlike anything that currently exists. A circular screen is a risky proposition, and might turn some people off, but it's certainly unique.

crazy iwatch concept

Designer: Federico Ciccarese

Verdict: Wow! Originally designed as an iPhone 5 concept, this one looks like a cross between an iPhone and one of those face-huggers from the Aliens movie franchise, but it's certainly got a futuristic appeal to it. It doesn't look particularly comfortable, but having an iPhone attached to your wrist at all times might make up for that.

[Header Image Credit: Federico Ciccarese]

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