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iPhone 101: Hold your ".com" button for a second

If you are running the new 2.0 firmware on your iPhone or iPod touch, you might not have noticed a new handy shortcut in Safari. When you type in your address, hold down the ".com" button to get a selection of 3 other domain name endings: ".net," ".edu," and ".org." When you tap on any of the endin...

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The real .mac opens up with new regulations

ICANN, the ruling body for Internet domain naming, has voted to relax a few rules that will supposedly open up a whole slew of top-level domain names, multiple news sources are reporting. They haven't exactly said why they're doing this, only that it will "preserve the security, stability, and globa...

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iPhone Tip: Don't even bother with the .com button

While typing on the iPhone is an arguably difficult / easy process depending on who you are, I figured out a handy tip for saving at least one button press - as long as you're going to a .com site. Just like a real browser, it appears that the iPhone will allow you to type in most .com URLs without ...

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