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Tag: 1.1.3

Growl updated to 1.1.4, fixes "Install Failed" message in Leopard

It was only a couple weeks ago that Growl version 1.1.3 was released, but as some commenters noted on the 1.1.3 post, there was a bug that caused some the inability to install Growl under Leopard. Well, the Growl team has heard your cries and issued an update to Growl that hopes to solve the problem...

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Growl hits 1.1.3

The best-in-class notification framework for Mac OS X, Growl, just got updated to version 1.1.3. One of the most missed features of Growl was GrowlMail, which allows Growl to issue incoming notifications from -- Apple disabled this feature in the Mac OS X 10.5.2 release. However, the Growl ...

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iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak now for Mac, that was quick

It has definitely been an iPhone-friendly day on the interwebs. It was just a few hours ago that the iPhone 1.1.3 jailbreak was released to the public by Nate True (from However, this was a Windows-only version of the jailbreak; but Nate was working on a Mac version and has just rel...

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1.1.3 iPhone jailbreak goes LIVE

A splinter dev team has just released its 1.1.3 jailbreak. This jailbreak, as discussed in our earlier post provides a "soft upgrade" path for jailbroken 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 users. (See that post for many of the technical details.) For right now, this jailbreak is limited to Windows users only, with a M...

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The secret life of firmware 1.1.3's Nate True wrote a blog post describing what he found inside the iPhone firmware 1.1.3 update. Whilst digging around in the iPhone's firmware innards, he found that Apple has made some startling changes to the iPhone's OS, including: The SpringBoard doesn't have to be modified to...

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Found Footage: iPhone 1.1.3 jailbroken already?

Seems like it was only yesterday that the iPhone was first hacked. But now, it looks like the 1.1.3 firmware jailbreak is a reality! Many have gotten emotional about the 1.1.2 jailbreak getting "broken" after the 1.1.3 upgrade; fear not, you may well have a jailbreak for 1.1.3 soon enough! See the ...

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iPhone 1.1.3 update leads to problems?

It would seem that the latest iPhone/iPod touch update is doing a bit more harm than good. There have been reports that the 1.1.3 firmware is far less stable than the previous 1.1.2. Some of the problems with 1.1.3 being reported: Error message during/after install of iTunes 7.6 and firmware ...

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Happy 1.1.3 firmware ending for TUAW reader

TUAW Reader Randal S. writes in with a happy unbricking story. After running AnySIM on his 1.0.2 iPhone, he ignored the warnings and upgraded his phone to a 1.1.1 brick. "Even taking it back to 1.0.2, I couldn't get past the bad IMEI and SIM messages. I tried many things to get it fixed. Hopeless." ...

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1.1.3 update leaves GoPhone users stranded

Some iPhone users on the GoPhone plan across the country are finding themselves without access to the EDGE network after the 1.1.3 firmware update, and neither AT&T's customer support nor the AT&T forums are offering very many options for affected customers. "You are not subscribed to the E...

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1.1.3 iPhone Update Liveblog

It's time to kiss my beautiful jailbreaked iPhone goodbye and to surrender to the inevitability of the 1.1.3 update. Goodbye delightful shell access. Goodbye beautiful 3rd party applications. I'm upgrading for the sake of my readers--and hopefully downgrading soon after! Read on for the liveblog......

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Gear Live answers iPhone 1.1.3 questions

After last nights iPhone video post, Gear Live has answered the first batch of viewer questions regarding the iPhone firmware 1.1.3. In addition to posting the Q&A, they have included a picture of the "About" screen of the iPhone, which clearly shows "1.1.3" in the software version. When this st...

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