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Apple seeds iPhone 2.0 beta firmware

According to our sister blog, Engadget, the iPhone 2.0 firmware has been seeded to developers. Before this update, the firmware was listed as version 1.2, but now shows up as version 2.0. Engadget says that the update didn't provide many changes: Cisco VPN tweaked, root-level mail / ActiveSync sett...

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Found Footage: iPhone firmware 1.2 hacked

The iPhone hacking community is at it again, and they're not going to take the SDK for an answer. The dev team has recently found out how to install and run iPhone firmware 1.2. This is supposedly the SDK-only developer version, which runs the iPhone (Aspen) simulator. Firmware 1.2 may end up re-re...

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FlickrBooth gets Leopard compatibility

We covered FlickrBooth a while back, when it was first released. FlickrBooth is a plug-in for Apple's PhotoBooth that allows you to instantly upload your creations to Flickr after taking the snapshot. The best thing about FlickrBooth 1.2 is that it now runs on Leopard. Some of the new features inclu...

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