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iTunes 10.5.2 available for direct download

Fire up your updaters, campers, because there's a prize inside -- in theory, anyway. iTunes 10.5.2 has appeared on the iTunes direct download page, but it's not yet showing up in Software Update, and the KB article covering the update is now 404ing. Reader Chasapple also points out that the Apple ...

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More Audio Driver Drama: Blame Apple, Says Peter Kirn

A few days ago I posted about the problems that the 10.5.2 update was causing with audio recording hardware and software from various manufacturers. Today, in a follow-up post to his original roundup of the issues at hand, Peter Kirn weighs in on Apple's accountability. Kirn's position is that Appl...

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The changing life and times of Leopard

By now, most of you have had a chance to install the new Mac OS X 10.5.2 update for Leopard. Apple has added some minor tweaks to the OS, as well as some new features. If you haven't seen some of the features, you might want to take a look -- we've looked high and low in the update and have a list o...

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Early 10.5.2 reports: some users having wireless issues

As the wanton, reckless eager early adopters of Mac OS X 10.5.2 begin to explore the update's new features and fixes, a few folks are running into a WiFi buzzsaw. Some D-Link and Westell router users have noted on Apple's support boards that their 802.11n connections are failing to authenticate post...

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10.5.2 breaks Linotype FontExplorer X, or vice versa

Users of Linotype FontExplorer X may want to hold off on the 10.5.2 update ... if it's not already too late. It seems to start up fine, but once you do, clicking a stack will cause the Dock to hang; that's just one symptom, there are problems reported with several applications crashing while FontExp...

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10.5.2 makes your WoW go faster

Our good friends over at WoW Insider (disclaimer: I'm a lead over there) have unlocked one of the first secrets about 10.5.2 (which dropped today in Software Update): it'll make World of Warcraft play faster. After hearing that the patch made reader Jason's Mac play faster, WoW Insider's Adam Holisk...

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10.5.2 in Software Update right now

Apple has dropped a 10.5.2 update out on Software Update. The patch has a number of different bugfixes all across the OS, from Dashboard and Airport improvements all the way to a menubar option in Time Machine and the disabling of GrowlMail 1.1.2 or earlier "to avoid security issues fix 1.1.2 from c...

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