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It's alive: Intel Atom support returns to 10.6.2

The day that Apple killed Atom support with the release of 10.6.2 was a sad one for many in the hackintosh community. Just as many expected, however, Atom support has returned; and no, Apple had nothing to do with it. InsanelyMac forum member teateam has developed a replacement kernel for installat...

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Confirmed: 10.6.2 removes Atom CPU support from Snow Leopard

A report by "stellarola" quoted in OSNews confirms what comments on our 10.6.2 post suggested: 10.6.2 removes support for Atom processors, most frequently found in "netbook" computers. This loss of Atom support was spotted in earlier builds, but nobody knew until now whether it'd be in or out in the...

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Mac OS X 10.6.2 is on the prowl, plus security update for 10.5 users

Update: As noted by our commenters and cross-confirmed with OS News, the 10.6.2 update appears to drop support for the hackintosh-centric Atom processor. This was spotted in earlier builds, but it was not clear whether the support for the netbook CPU would be in or out in the final configuration. ...

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Perhaps Apple won't block Atom support after all

There was a report this week that Mac OS X 10.6.2 will block Atom support, leaving Hackintosh owners stuck at 10.6.1. Intel's Atom processors have been used in netbooks by MSI, Dell and ASUS for their low cost and modest energy consumption. Hackintosh owners were disappointed. Shortly after that ...

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Is the MacBook Pro about to receive a quad-core speed bump?

With all the news circulating around about updated Apple hardware, you might be asking yourself "What about the MacBook Pro?" Apple certaintly hasn't forgotten about its high-end notebook computer, and details are starting to slip out that the MacBook Pro might be receiving a speed boost sooner t...

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