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Mountain Lion is king of the OS X jungle

As noted by Macworld UK, Apple's OS X Mountain Lion has clawed its way to the top of the OS X jungle. It was released on July 25, 2012 and as of this past December it's installed on 32 percent of all Macs online. That percentage is according to Net Applications, a web-measurement firm that trac...

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OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion gripe list

To be sure, I think OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is the best OS Apple has ever released. It feels like a completed version of what Mac OS X 10.7 Lion should have been. It's fast, it's clean, it melds some iOS concepts to OS X and, for the most part, it just works. That being said, no OS is entirel...

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Get Save As back on Mountain Lion's File menu easily and without hacks

You can make the "Save As..." menu item more visible and easier to use simply by giving it a different keyboard shortcut. In 10.7 (Lion), Apple removed the 'Save As' menu item and replaced it with "Duplicate" which did not work the same way. Apple relented in 10.8 (Mountain Lion) by returning...

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OS X Mountain Lion: The TUAW review

It's here! Following a surprise announcement in February, OS X Mountain Lion has arrived (to use its full and formal title, sans the 10.8 version number). Barely a year after the release of Lion, this new OS nevertheless boasts an impressive list of new features. The overriding theme is uncha...

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Some of the awesome, lesser-known new features in OS X Mountain Lion

The big new features of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion like iMessage, Notification Center, Dictation, Facebook and Twitter integration, and AirPlay are getting all the attention. However, for me, the coolest stuff in major releases of OS X are always the little things one might not notice right away. ...

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Mountain Lion update includes automatic Mac app downloads

Apple is set to bring automatic app downloads to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion when it debuts later this summer. As noted by 9to5Mac, the latest build of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion only has a partially working Automatic Downloads feature, but users can expect to see a finalized working version when OS X...

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Apple's Mountain Lion vs. a real mountain lion

Jeff Somogyi of dealmac has posted an amusing comparison between Apple's upcoming OS X Mountain Lion and a real mountain lion. It turns out the differences between them are not so subtle. While Apple's Mountain Lion introduces Notification Center, a feature brought over from iOS that consolidates ...

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Mountain Lion's Gatekeeper adds additional security options to OS X

With the many updates and new features announced for the upcoming OS X release of Mountain Lion, one may have slipped by, but it's an important feature. It's also likely to become controversial. Gatekeeper gives users some extra security when running third party software. Apple says Gatekeeper will...

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Mountain Lion to move Software Update to the Mac App Store

Every version of OS X has featured a standalone application called Software Update that delivers updates to Apple's operating system, applications, and hardware drivers. According to Pocket Lint, Software Update is being deprecated in the next version of OS X, Mountain Lion, in favor of delivering ...

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Mountain Lion drops support for several older Mac models (Updated)

Every new version of OS X comes with harsh news for owners of older Macs: "Your Mac is too old. You're stuck with your current OS. Forever." For Mac OS X Leopard in 2007, anyone who owned a Mac with a processor slower than 867 MHz was stuck with Tiger. In 2009, Snow Leopard made the biggest (and ...

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Tim Cook discusses Mountain Lion with the Wall Street Journal

Many media outlets got a sneak preview of Apple's next version of OS X, Mountain Lion, and the Wall Street Journal was no exception. The Journal was treated to a preview from Apple CEO Tim Cook himself. He discussed with the Journal the basic philosophy behind OS X updates going forward: "We see th...

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5 iOS features that OS X needs

iOS 5 is set to launch this Wednesday and the beta testers I've talked to say it's a monumental leap forward. iOS 5 adds over 200 features to an already polished mobile operating system, which is arguably the best on the planet. As many Mac users know, Mac OS X Lion is no slouch either. Featu...

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