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AirDrop: Lion's new way to transfer files

One very cool new feature in OS X Lion is AirDrop. It's a way to leverage your home or office Wi-Fi network to send files to others who are also running Lion by just dragging and dropping those files onto an icon representing the other person. In this short post, I'll show you how AirDrop works an...

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Mac 101: Using Keynote as Motion in a bind (Updated)

Update: KeynoteUser.com notes that it's easy to export your Keynote animations with an alpha channel, making it much simpler to work with them in pro editing apps or in Motion. On this trip to WWDC I packed light. One backpack, a MacBook Air and a camera light. I haven't had my Air for very lon...

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10 apps you should install FIRST on your iPhone

You've taken the plunge and bought your first iPhone. You've activated your service with your local wireless carrier, connected and synced it with your main computer for the first time, and brought over as much music, photos, and videos as you can squeeze onto it. Maybe you've even played around w...

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Ask TUAW Video Edition: Extending your AirPort wireless

Ahhh ... Tuesday -- what a glorious day, and a perfect day to talk about AirPort wireless setups. For this week's Ask TUAW video, here's a short piece on how to extend your wireless network. We're using an AirPort Extreme, but the steps are the same for the Express. The video is in the second ha...

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iPad 101: The easy way to get high-def videos onto iPhone or iPad

Even though the iPad has that HD feel, there are plenty of HD files it can't stomach -- the maximum resolution for videos to sync via iTunes is 720p, and anything higher (1080i or 1080p) simply won't transfer. On the iPhone and iPod touch, the upper limit is even tighter; those devices can only hand...

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iPhone Dev 101: Useful Cocoa Development Resources

It has been a while since the last iPhone Dev 101 post (and I must apologize for that -- sometime life can get in the way of different things, and this was one of those times). In this Dev 101 post, I want to take you through a few of my favorite resources for Cocoa/iPhone development. Some of these...

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